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Dusk Media has been expertly and passionately operating for 10 years. Starting out creating fashion related video content with brands such as Just Jeans, Portmans, and Jacquie E, Dusk Media embraced the style and personality of each brand. Focusing on the most important aspects of products and the brand’s visual identity.

Moving into sports content, Dusk Media joined Richmond Football Club for a grass roots training day that saw players paired up with young Footballers for a day of training, fun, and mentorship.

With a background in music, Dusk media has produced multiple video clips paired with an artist’s music. Communicating the intricacies and vision of a unique sound.

Working for Channel 10 and its flagship current affairs program The Project, Dusk Media has shot, and directed video packages for a trusted news organisation, as well as a clipping show for Channel 10’s Farm to Fork.

Dusk Media also works with Marion St Claire to bring wedding videography to new heights.

Dusk Media is all about collaboration with our clients. Bringing your ideas to us and communicating how we can work together to bring your vision to life is key.

You will be working with a trusted team of video and photo experts with experience across multiple industries and shootin styles, producing a unique and engaging end package that is uniquely yours.

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